If you’re here, it is pretty much evident that you are interested to know what on earth is Trails Of Inju is all about. I’ll narrate the purpose of the existence of this blog through the analogy of a hike.

A hike usually involves a start point(my birth), an endpoint (too early to think about this, but without a doubt, it exists) and following a trail. I too have followed the trail left by others for most of my life and still do. However, I am exploring new trails every now and then. So Trails of Inju is a place for documenting all the new trails I am exploring.

The current areas of exploration/practice include Personal finance, Personal growth, Traveling, Photography, and Story writing and I have dedicated a part of this website to all of the above categories.

The idea is to learn something new, implement, measure and document. So, that someone else looking at exploring similar areas can quickly see the complete trail and decide if they want to tread on that.

So, am looking forward to making this place full of lessons, and sharing experiences.

So, that’s what this is all about.