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Beach View From Kapu Light House
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Trip From Agumbe To Kapu Beach Via Sringeri

Finishing touches. I always loved finishing touches. Be it Dhoni’s sixer from the 2011 world cup final or Khalid Hosseini’s heart-melting concluding lines from the kite runner, there is a distinct style to how the great artists conclude their art. Traveling is no less and the last day of the 3-day trip in coastal Karnataka is no less than a half-filled canvas for me to give those final touches and make it memorable. Read on to find out how it went 😀

Kere Basadi Varanga- Jain Temple In Varanga
Bike Trips Karnataka Travel

Bike Trip To Agumbe From Udupi: A Ride Back In Time

Do you keep thinking about the good old days of quaint villages, mud-roof houses, village gatherings to watch the spectacles of nature? Then you should definitely visit Agumbe and it’s old-world Charm. Nestled amidst the rain forests of Western Ghats, Agumbe is enchanting for nature & adventure lovers, wildlife enthusiasts. In this blog post, I take you on a trip back in time. Come let me show you how.

Unique Rock Formations At St Mary's Island Near Malpe in Udupi
Bike Trips Karnataka Travel

Udupi Bike Trip: Riding The Waves And Chasing Sunsets

Before the pandemic took over our lives and life came to a standstill, I went on a trip to Udupi. The coastal Karnataka region around Udupi has many more gems hidden around apart from the famed Malpe Beach. Go read my blog post and travel to these beauties virtually 😉
It’s been an amazing experience pushing these blog posts one after another for 4 months now 😀