2020 has been such an exciting year. Personally, I had to give up on travelling after 2 years of almost non-stop travel. I found a constant in writing. Publishing a blog post every week for over 7 months has been an immense confidence booster. I never imagined to have control over my money but owning my cashflow and being conscious about money has been such an important event that happened in 2020.

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I spent a lot of time with my parents after almost 8 years which in a way is changed my perspective. On the professional side, along with the impressive team at Ather, we launched 450x and expanded the Ather Grid into newer markets. I think in spite of COVID hampering a lot of the usual activities, 2020 has been an eventful year. While I did the review of my 2020 goals in last week’s post, this week I wanted to do something I have never done before. I am publishing the 2021 objectives I set for myself.

Reasons for doing this unwanted feat?

One of the biggest lessons from 2020 has been that Public accountability works like magic. I was way more consistent about publishing blog post after committing to doing it in public.

Without further delay, below are the objectives I am setting for myself to accomplish in the year 2021.

  1. Be A Better Man:
    1. Workout or Physical Activity for 30 minutes every day.
    2. Read 30 books in 2021.
    3. Write 300-500 words every day on trailsofinju.com
    4. Eat healthy and balanced food.
  2. Be A Better Content Creator:
    1. Write 52 Blog posts on travel and adventure travel
    2. Grow blog to 800 visitors per month
    3. Get 4 adventure bloggers to do a guest post on trailsofinju.com
    4. 4 posts on social media related to travel/adventures.
    5. Publish one podcast every 2 months.
    6. Publish one travel video every month.
    7. Grow newsletters to 100 members
  3. Get Better At Investing:
    1. Write an investment thesis for one public company every quarter.
    2. Write an investment thesis for my portfolio companies: 2 every quarter.
    3. Create Short term, medium term, Long term goals and start funds for each.
  4. Diversify Income:
    1. Execute at least one idea from business ideas list and generate INR 5000 profit.
    2. Complete one paid freelance gig in Content Writing, Content Marketing, Project Management, Personal growth
    3. Invest in income-generating assets
  5. Grow Green Ribbon
    1. Grow Distribution- Develop reliable lead generation channels.
    2. Ask help and take guidance in growing the business.
    3. Talk to 100 new customers and understand pain points in adoption and solve them.
    4. Grow revenue to INR 50,000
    5. Reduce personal carbon footprint and document learnings.
  6. Travel MORE:
    1. Explore 2 new countries (If Covid permits)
    2. Explore 3 new states (If COVID permits)
    3. Complete 2 Himalayan Treks (If COVID permits)
  7. Help more People:
    1. Host one AMA per month.

Isn’t This Too Much To Do In A Year?

I keep asking this myself and that’s why I also assign priority for each of the objectives. In line with my philosophy of Learn, act, measure and improvise, I will execute these for a couple of months. Learn how things work out by measuring progress via the daily squares I discussed in this blog post. And should anything change, I won’t hesitate to do that including dropping certain goals if need be.

Many of these objectives aren’t specific and for those who follow SMART methodology might find it ridiculous. But unlike organization goals, I like to keep a direction for myself instead of a specific number or target in mind. Having said that, I will be spending the next few days fine tuning these goals and establishing trackers. I will try to publish progress on a quarterly basis on this blog. So stay tuned and subscribe to the newsletter.

Let another eventful and exciting year begin!

So what do you have in plan for 2021? how excited are you? tell me all about in comments below.

That’s all for today folks. Thank you for sticking through to the end.

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