Oh, that’s an interesting question. What is money?

Well, there was a time when I thought money was just a piece of metal and papers to buy something I liked. I was 100% sure of this definition and having this realization as a kid felt like a genius.

But over time, I realized that we get so caught up in life that it distorts our view about money. It is no longer a piece of metal or paper.

Money is a celebrity in of our lives.

We work so hard to possess it, unwillingly spend on things like taxes 😛 and what not. People have even gone ahead and said that,

Money is the root cause of all evil

Whoever said that was either drunk or got beaten on his head when he was a kid. Here’s how I’d like to flip that statement around and say that

Money is the root cause of all evil things

Evil or not, you decide. Don’t blame it on the money. Money is innocent, it’s your brain that is filled with evil. The realization happened when I was managing the budget for a new project at Tata Motors back in 2017.

Aha! Moment: The Money Trail

I was a fresh graduate, just out of college and was tasked to manage the budget for a new project. I was nervous as I didn’t have financial knowledge at that point. But I was eager to learn and along with that, I was immensely passionate about automobiles, so that eased the process a little bit. So, Once, while I was trying to figure out the overall budget by summing up the individual numbers, I had an “Aha! Moment”.

I realized that if you had to understand how a product is made, just follow the money trail.

I wanted to dig deeper, so I kept asking for more details on the individual categories. As details kept coming, I kept following the rupee and eventually, I figured out how an automobile is made.

But, in hindsight, if you want to understand just about anything, be it how a product is made, or how a company is run, or who runs a company or even about your own personality, all you gotta do is follow the money trail.

George Sr isn’t a bad Dad.

How The Money Trail Can Help You!

Well Inju, I already know what kind of a person I am. I don’t think I need to follow anyone to figure that out.

Oh well, lucky you. I was certainly not in that position a few years ago. But from my personal experience, I have realized that you aren’t what you think you are. More often than not, there is a difference in our perceptions about ourselves and who we actually are. Money trail can just be that thing to help you realize that.

I didn’t know I was such a lazy ass money recovery agent aka generous human until I actually woke up one day and followed the money trail. You won’t know how many skeletons you are hiding inside your closets 😉 until you,

Open it.

Here’s another one from Young Sheldon where Sheldon questions George about a missing $300 check.

Can you bet how many skeletons would come out if Sheldon’s mom comes to know about this 😉

Know Your Money Trail

Here’s a short exercise for you, can you look at your money trail i.e your expenses in the past one week and determine your state of health and happiness?

I intend to delve into more of such concepts to get a better understanding of an individual’s financial health first and then if I have any patience left, I will talk about how to improve it.

I believe, getting an understanding of the current state of affairs is more than necessary information to call for action.

So that’s all today folks.

If we haven’t met before, I am Inju, a resident of the small planet called trailsofinju.com in the internet universe.

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