“Oh time is just flying so fast”
“Oh! Is it end of March already.”

Happiness writes white by Martin Amis.

I keep hearing these dialogues from a number of people lately. But I somehow don’t feel like it. I feel the time is ticking at a snail pace. I can see every distinct second as it goes around the clock. But why??
Why do I feel like time is dragging?

But did I always feel like this!?
As I unravel my professional and personal experiences in the numerous conversations I’ve been having lately, I realized I didn’t even remember how the good times flew by. Looking back, all the amazing times I had a lot of fun just seem to white spaces. On the other hand, the struggles are explicitly etched.

Be it that first proto build responsibility at Ather, the struggles of putting charging infra out, tough personal times that almost broke me. All of them are distinctly clear in my head. I remember the times I held my head in my hands while tears trickled down my face. I remember the moments of isolation and loneliness.

But I have zero detail on the times I was working on my blog posts, on bettering my mental and physical health, on going out more, exploring the vast universe, trying my hand at cooking, trying my hand at expressing. I know I did these but I don’t remember the head tail or body of it.

It’s all just a white space. That yes, something happened. Something that made me happy. But i don’t explicitly know what.

I guess that’s how all happy moments are. Just white spaces.

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