Who Am I & A Kick-Off!

The Start!

So it’s been about two months since I started this website and about a month since I fixed the theme and everything. But I didn’t publish anything until now.
Mostly because I was confused as to what I wanted to write about. It’s not like I didn’t have much to write, my notes on google keep and the trello boards know how much I like the art of putting thoughts on a blank piece of a paper webpage.
But finally, I thought of starting off the first post with a classic question in one of my favorite areas of interest, Philosophy.

Who Am I?

I can quote and unquote a lot of philosophers but wait, those are old school now. Here’s what I think about who I am in the sarcastic tone of the narrator of The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy!

TL;DR- Answer is 42 😉 😛
Arghhh!! Not this again. The dreaded question that boggles the biggest of minds in philosophy, psychology, politics, and whatnot. But I think the inherent issue with this question can be resolved if you answer it considering a few constraints. A Constraint of time & space. The awkward combination of letters written below is a result of applying the constraints.

Time= 304th day of the gregorian calendar & Space= 12.97° N 77.56° E

Actual Start! 😛

So I’m a mechanical engineering graduate who manages the development of a good number of Hardware products that are part of the range of products produced by Ather Energy. If you’re curious as to what I mean when I mean to manage, here’s a wiki definition for you.

“Be In charge of”

I’m as surprised as you as to how I am able to manage those programs as we call them at Ather, owing to my Mechanical Engineering background and an even scarier interaction with electrical and electronics subjects.
But I figured, all the random things I did at BITS Pilani proved to be useful in Mysterious ways I can’t explain.
But that again was a result of the foundation laid at Kendriya Vidyalaya which, armed with the significantly powerful tool of Curiosity helped me in amazing ways.
While that certainly helped me get a good job, all along I’ve picked up a few vices.

The Middle of the start

I like to write, irrespective of it contributing to my personal exchequer.
I for one, can’t resist exploring a new place but always try to see how to minimize the financial impact of that. Having said that, I’m a bit of a number person and spend a good amount of time thinking about where my money goes and spend an even awful lot of time on how to make more.

By write I mean I write every damn thing. I’ve written in the past on a parallel planet in the blogging universe about poems, murder mysteries, my routine, things that I read and things I wanted to show off.
I also have a flair for capturing things with a device pretending to have eyes believing that I’d get to relive all the beautiful moments I captured. So far this has been a failure. Handling the device has been good, it’s just the reliving part I am sorry about😂or probably am too young for reliving yet.

The End of A Beginning!

Phewww!! Did I cover everything?
Maybe yes, maybe not. This is an editable page so I can always come back and add more.
And more importantly, this isn’t the end. But a definitive start to what I believe to be the collection of the paths I walk on in life.

Stay tuned.

About Inju

A speck of stardust in the universe, constantly wandering on a planet called Earth and a geographical location called India. Thinks long and hard about what to do with the time given to him. He is documenting the useful media through which he wastes his time here on trailsofinju.com


  1. I wish one day this to be known as The Extraordinary ‘Trials of Inju’ and hope I will be the one to pen that down 😛 Godspeed 😁

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